Tax Audit Defense

When your business is subject to an audit, we are in your corner. We act as your representative negotiating the best possible solution and ensuring that you receive all the exemptions and other allowances available to you. State auditors typically review a sampling of invoices and make broad decisions regarding your potential tax liability based upon these findings. We look deep into the nooks and crannies to offset any adverse assessments. In fact, our audit defense is so robust, you may find yourself receiving money back from the state rather than the other way around.

Another key aspect of our audit defense is our post-audit presentation of findings that allow you to identify the areas where you have been exposed and to make corrections that will keep your company in compliance going forward. We offer tailored Sales and Use Tax Training Services that are custom designed for your accounts payable and purchasing staff. Tax laws have become incredibly complex and our training will help your staff make the right taxability decisions regarding the purchase of goods and services on every invoice.

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“As a Controller hired into the state of Washington with no opportunity for Sales & Use tax exposure in this state, I found it necessary to secure a recovery auditor to dig through the mountain of information for possible tax recovery. Not only did I glean a lot of knowledge in this regard from Executive Insight, but also the recovered funds and letter of appreciation for my assistance with the audit made a big hit with my boss. Richard Hulbert is a highly regarded professional in the field of recovery audits.”

Brenda Beaty  |  Controller, Pace Edwards