Interim CFO & Executive Services

We provide strategic and operational leadership for organizations in transition. We excel in maintaining financial and accounting integrity under the most difficult circumstances during top level personnel and ownership changes. Our interim services have included filling the positions of Controller, General Manager, Chief Financial Officer, and President within numerous industries.


I was talking to our attorney until late last night. He had a lot of GOOD things to say about Executive Insight. He was impressed how you kept the situation together during the chaos surrounding the debacle last year. He was very direct in saying that our continuing to use Executive Insight’s services was a good idea. I explained to him how Executive Insight’s ability to bridge the gap between the old and new regimes was priceless. He said we probably would have been sunk without your services.

North American Transportation Executive & Owner

US Entity Formation & Support

  • Creation
    • Provide assistance in selecting company structure (Corporation, LLC, Partnership)
    • Establishing ownership relationships (with parent company, shareholders, partners)
    • Prepare and file necessary U.S. Federal and State documents
    • Register with U.S. Federal and state Departments of State, Labor & Industries, Employment Security, and US Internal Revenue Service for filing and income taxes
  • Accounting
    • Provide monthly/quarterly financial statements including
      • Income Statement
      • Balance Sheet
      • Cash Flow Statement
      • Equity Statements
  • Compliance
    • Provide timely filing of all licenses & returns with
      • U.S. Federal and State authorities
      • Industry specific agencies and organizations

VAT Recovery Services

Our Value Added Tax (VAT) reclaim services are provided to clients, which range from small, single site operators to multi-site, multinational organizations. We recover VAT in many European countries as well as in Canada and Australia. We maximize every opportunity for pay-back on your behalf. While you concentrate on business, we concentrate on recovering your VAT.

As a part of our service we will look after all of your VAT registrations and all dealings with VAT inspectors. We arrange for local registration as well as administer your on-going VAT affairs.

When we are successful in recovering your VAT, you will be charged a percentage of the VAT recovered, or a set minimum amount per claim which is agreed upon in advance. If we are unable to recover your VAT, you will pay no fee whatsoever.

For more information on VAT Recovery Services, please contact us.