Tax Training

You don’t have time to be an expert in everything. The laws and codes that govern Sales and Use taxes are particularly complex and variable based on a variety of factors including, use, destination, industry, etc.

We provide customized Sales and Use Tax Training that is tailored to your industry so you can take advantage of the exemptions and special rules that apply to your specific business. Each training session lasts one hour and comes with handout materials that are industry specific. If you are also an AP Audit client, your training sessions will include specific examples from your own files that will have even more impact and relevance for your AP and Purchasing staff.

Training sessions can be combined to suit your needs.

Real Estate – Ownership, Construction, and Property Management

Focus on whether purchases from your vendors are taxable and or not and how to tell the difference between the two. We explore sales and use taxes from each perspective of real estate ownership, prime and sub contracting, property development, and property management.

Manufacturing Sessions

General Manufacturing
Covers the principles of manufacturing sales and use tax exemptions and tax deferrals. We provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to determine where and when tax exemptions apply.

High Tech Manufacturing
Explores the criteria for qualification of the High Tech sales and use tax deferrals and sales, use, and excise tax exemptions available in Washington. We cover the process and criteria used to determine eligibility, data gathering and reporting, and submission compliance to ensure receiving deferrals and exemptions.

Research & Development
Covers criteria to determine and qualify your research and development activities. Discover which expenditures are taxable and which are not. Identify the steps necessary to receive sales, use, and excise tax relief and how to identify which expenditures to include.


Covers Computer, Personal, Professional, and Other Services. This session covers many of the misunderstood areas in Washington State Sales and Use Tax codes that can result in significant savings. This session will help you understand when taxes are due and when they are not. This will limit your exposure when undergoing an audit by the State.

Refund Process

We cover how the process works and what steps are necessary to obtain sales, use, and excise tax refunds on overpaid taxes.

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