“Thank you on the job you did on your claims, they are very thorough and neatly packaged; which is something we seldom see in this office.”
Tax Analyst
Controllers Office, State of California

“I was talking to our attorney until late last night. He had a lot of GOOD things to say about Executive Insight. He was impressed how you kept the situation together during the chaos surrounding the debacle last year. He was very direct in saying that our continuing to use Executive Insight’s services was a good idea. I explained to him how Executive Insight’s ability to bridge the gap between the old and new regimes was priceless. He said we probably would have been sunk without your services.”
North American Transportation Executive & Owner

“As a Controller hired into the state of Washington with no opportunity for Sales & Use tax exposure in this state, I found it necessary to secure a recovery auditor to dig through the mountain of information for possible tax recovery. Not only did I glean a lot of knowledge in this regard from Executive Insight, but also the recovered funds and letter of appreciation for my assistance with the audit made a big hit with my boss. Richard Hulbert is a highly regarded professional in the field of recovery audits.”
Brenda Beaty
Controller, Pace Edwards

“I have hired Executive Insight as a Sales and Use Tax Consultant and AP Auditor at three companies so far and each time they have found and recovered funds that improved our profitability. Richard works quietly and efficiently in the background, just show him what you need done and he takes care of the rest. I highly recommend their services.”
Brenda Morris
CFO, Zumiez, Inc.

“They did all the work. They were very self-sufficient. I was able to show them where the files were and they produced results. They were knowledgeable, thorough, and a pleasant presence.”
Ann Zimmerman
Accounting Manager, Compass Aerospace NW (formerly Sea-Lect Products Inc.)

“They were very easy and unobtrusive to work with. Did not take time away from our projects and staff.”
Pharmaceutical Research Company

“They brought a wealth of knowledge and background information to the table and recovered funds we didn’t know we had lost. Loved the AP analysis and final report – it really helped us refine our procedures.”
Accounting Manager
Manufacturing Company

“The service provided was with little or no disruption. It was a true value added product with remuneration based upon results. This was our first encounter and I liked the format and structure of the work, preamble, and debriefing. Excellent job!”
Jeff Bowles
General Manager, Volvo (formerly Jet Support)

“We liked the fact that they found taxes and extra money, and that we can use this information in the future to save even more money.”
Chris Burtis
Vice President Operations, Hitachi America (formerly ISM International/Tanaka America)

“We liked that Executive Insight did all the work. They were self-contained and non disruptive.”
Rhonda Dean
Controller, K2 Sports

“We liked the thoroughness, tenaciousness, courteousness, and patience with us as we sometimes were not always that accessible.”
Craig Planetz
Chief Financial Officer, Wilcox Farms

“We liked the knowledge of tax laws and better documentation for audit”
Stephanie White
Controller, Boxlight Corporation